10 Awesome Free Office Spaces, From Singapore To Brazil, For Freelancers Right Now

London-based web site Open Studio Club has created a sort of Couchsurfing.org for creative freelancers: Ad and design agencies with a vacant desk can offer their workspace free of charge on the Free Desk Here site, and as long as freelance creative types follow a few standard rules — they can use the bathrooms but not the conference rooms — they can work at the agency for free on their own projects.
Creatives get an “official” place to work every day; agencies get the benefit of new and interesting itinerant talent walking through the door.
The best part, however, is that to list a desk space on the site, agencies must submit a photo of the space. And agencies being agencies, some of them have spent a LOT of time constructing their images, like this one (above) from the design firm Sagmeister & Walsh in New York.
Here’s the desk available at Design Studio Maurice Redmond in Berlin. Note the signs that say, “Please don’t touch the stuff!”

This is Jennifer Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh in New York. We’re presuming she won’t be sitting there the whole time.

If you want to work at Snask in Stockholm, you might want to wear white.

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