13 Execs Are Listed In 'Creative Credits' For That Oreo Super Bowl Tweet

The tweet heard ’round the world — Oreo’s “Power out? No problem” tweet when the lights went off at the Super Bowl earlier this year — won a Bronze Clio award for innovative media: And the “creative credits” went to 13 different ad execs.
It was certainly a pretty good tweet. Within minutes of the power outage that stopped the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, Oreo, via ad agency 360i, tweeted this:

The tweet was retweeted seemingly endlessly, as distracted viewers turned to Twitter to figure out what was going on. The tweet is widely regarded as a classic case example of always-on, real time social media marketing.
Whether it needed 13 people to write it — and create the little graphic from Oreo’s image asset archive — is another question. Some people (on Twitter) are scoffing. Copywriter Matt O’Rourke says:


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