15 Hot Brands Vying To Be The Next Lululemon

Lululemon’s sheer yoga pants  blunder could have blown the door wide open for competition. 
The brand is facing a “tsunami of competition,” according to John Zoldis, senior vice president at Buckingham Research Group. 
Recalling 17 percent of its yoga pants comes at a dangerous time for the retailer. 
Some of the brands on the horizon have greater financial reach and brand value than Lululemon. Others have the boutique appeal that women fell in love with before Lululemon’s rapid expansion. 
All are growing rapidly and very real competition for the retailer. 

Athleta, which is owned by Gap, has been rapidly expanding its store base. Like Lululemon, Athleta puts emphasis on community and in-store events.
There were even rumors that Athleta was poaching yoga instructors from Lululemon. Athleta could be Lululemon’s greatest threat because it has the resources to expand quickly and offer similar clothing at lower prices. 


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