15 Surprising Foreign McDonald's Ads You Won't See In The U.S. (MCD)

A President Obama lookalike starred in one of McDonald’s latest ads — and it wasn’t for an American audience.
The Israeli commercial, in which Obama says “God bless Israel” after forcing a bunch of teens to cancel their Saturday night plans to reopen the fast food joint, is just one of many strange McDonald’s ads that you won’t see in the U.S.
While the chain’s American marketing campaigns aren’t known for being particularly adventurous, McDonald’s foreign commercials regularly take risks — both good and bad.
Japan’s “sexy” Ronald McDonald’s ad will turn your stomach, but a brutally honest British ad recruiting staff — which refers to work at the burger chain as “slave labor” — will bring a tear to your eye.
We’ve collected the most buzz-worthy foreign McDonald’s ads that you will never see in the United States.
Israel: President Obama ruins a bunch of teens’ night

But he makes up for it with the “God bless Israel” line …

Agency: Yehoshua/TBWA, Tel Aviv

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