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Dodge Stratus video advertisement

Hugo90 posted a photo:

Dodge Stratus video advertisement

This ad for the Stratus was produced in conjunction with the magazine. I don’t have a VHS player anymore, so I can’t refresh myself on what they cover.

I’ve been collecting auto advertising for decades, and sometimes some different things come along. The nineties were a trial period for using video tape ads for home viewing. I have a lot of these, and few are really interesting, but I’ll bet lots of people watched them because it was novel.

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AdWords Search Funnels Direct Response

This is a BIG deal!  Google has recently launched its “Search Funnels”.  This marks one step closer to the holy grail of direct response target marketing – and a tool that every small business must master.

The search funnel defines a process of consumer behavior.  And it will allow every business to spend its advertising dollars in the most rational, sensible & cost-effective manner possible.

Take a look:

Holy Grail in Valencia, Spain

Holy Grail Image via Wikipedia

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Google AdWords Explained

For small businesses, the realm of Google Adwords is at the very least arcane & for many impossible to master on their own – given the limited resources & time constraints faced by most small businesses.

If you’d like to tackle the process of placing Adwords on your own, the video below provides a good, basic overview; but remember – while Google search comprises roughly 65% market share, it does not represent the total market. It’s still necessary to advertise in other venues.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 18:  Treasury Secretary ...

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A Little Elaboration

My post from yesterday needed a bit more elaboration; so here goes . . . .

It’s really small businesses’ perception that they are left behind by search. They can compete with large corporations; but need to fine-tune & hone their approach.

What the credit crisis has done is limit the effectiveness of “gimmicks” in advertising – which makes Search Engine Management all the more critical.

Call to Action.

It is imperative, really in all forms of advertising, to ask the audience to do something.

“Do it!” is a veiled reference to Art Williams’ famous speech. Too many small businesses fail simply because of indecision. Solutions are out there & they are not hard to find – but the small business owner needs to take the action & do it.

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