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Chilean Sea Bass

Neither Bass, nor Chilean
Victory goes to the marketers…, “Given its name, which conjures up exotic notions of South American fisherman carefully acquiring this prized fish off the coast of Chile, the price may seem appropriate. But only a minority of Chilean sea bass come from the coast of Chile. Many fish sold under the name hail from arctic regions. Moreover, the fish isn’t even a type of bass; it’s a cod. Until 1977, the name Chilean sea bass didn’t exist and few people ate the fish before the 1990s. Prior to that, scientists knew the fish by the less mouth-watering name of Patagonian or Antarctic toothfish.
In short, the Chilean sea bass is a pure marketing invention — and a wildly successful one. Far from unique, the story of the Chilean sea bass represents something of a formula in today’s climate of overfishing: choose a previously ignored fish, give it a more appealing name, and market it. With a little luck, a fish once tossed back as bycatch will become part of trendy $50 dinners.“… READ THE FULL STORY AT [LINK].
Photo credit: Watt Sriboonruang, Flikr [LINK].
Photo Credit: Click for Watt Sriboonruang on Flikr

Hell Rabbit Pizza

Just in time for Easter
Yes, it’s true.  Hell Pizza of New Zealand is now offering rabbit pizza.  The pie features smoked wild New Zealand rabbit, pine nuts, beetroot & horopito relish, cream cheese and rosemary; garnished with fresh spring onions.  All-in-all, it doesn’t sound bad… but the timing to market may be a bit edgy.  Have you tried it?
The thing that may have really gone off the deep end?  A billboard covered in rabbit hides… yeah, just a bit edgy, Hell!  :-/
Screenshot of Hell Pizza website, 19 April 2014.

How GlaxoSmithKline Markets with YouTube

Public Relations
Over the past five years, GlaxoSmithKline [NYSE – GSK – LINK] has published over 115 videos on YouTube [LINK]. Among the latest, a video promoting education and inspiration for young people:

Visit the GlaxoSmithKline website at [LINK]….
Screenshot from YouTube:
Click for YouTube video [LINK] 

2015 Hyundai Sonata

American Made in Alabama
The new 2015 Hyundai Sonata will be built Montgomery, Alabama and goes on sale in early summer, 2014. A bigger, more refined grille with a wide air admission characterizes the substance of the 2015 Sonata. Straightforward, amicable lines beautify the outside while indicating at the enhanced element execution and human-machine association Sonata gives. Tight, level rocker boards reflect the case’s expanded steadiness and surefootedness while the mark Sonata beltline is currently extended tight to emphasize the vehicle’s quality.

The car like roofline remains, yet it is adjusted by a bigger window realistic that accentuates the roomier inner part. Flat lines in the back underscore Sonata’s width and give the auto a planted look. This deliberate shape attains a momentous drag coefficient of only 0.27, easier than any non-half breed in the fair size vehicle class.
From Hyundai News Press Release (click for more)
Customers searching for a traditional set-up & configuration will like the 2015 Sonata SE’s outside styling that incorporates standard LED daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear deck spoiler and chrome encompass for the sunshine opening. Sonata Limited includes rocker board expansions and dual-exhaust for a premium look.
The ad campaign has yet to be announced by Hyundai’s agency of record, Innocean USA [LINK].

Google Advertising Revenues

Q1, 2014 Highlights:
Google is continuing to invest in three major areas of focus:
• Core ads: Search and Display advertising
• Businesses demonstrating high consumer success: YouTube, Android/Play, and Chrome
• New businesses where we are investing to drive adoption and innovation: Social, Commerce, and Enterprise
Average CPC (cost per click) was down about 9%.  Many are attributing this to an increase in mobile ad clicks & mobile usage [see Forbes, LINK]. Of course, in the longer-term, Google will likely be able to leverage CPC on mobile, as it simply allows for more powerful demographic targeting.  And eventually, Google will likely figure out the even more important component of Psychographical Targeting.
Read more at Google Investor Relations [LINK]…
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Fire Your Ad Agency

With tongue firmly planted in cheek…
Goodbye My Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand Help Clients ‘Fire Every Agency In The World’
‘The Advertising Book’ is a complete annual of all advertisers, agencies and marketing service companies in Thailand. It’s the marketing Yellow Pages for both agencies and clients alike.  Whilst every other agency runs fancy advertising about how creative they are, Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand decided to demonstrate it. On the back page, they ran a simple but insightful question: “Need an excuse to fire your agency?” 
Via a QR code, clients were invited to view ‘Goodbye My Agency’, a mobile site with tongue-in-cheek excuses in ready-to-send emails that clients could use to fire their agency. The site also lets clients call for a pitch against Saatchi & Saatchi, learn about Live Creativity – the agency’s real time social and content creation hub, or even invite the CEO for a coffee.

Saatchi & Saatchi ECD Nuntawat (Golf) Chaipornkaew said “Sometimes our industry is too serious, especially when it comes to promoting ourselves in front of clients. We have enjoyed firing all our competitors and we look forward to the 1,964,952 pitches we now have on this week.” CLICK FOR GOODBYEMYAGENCY.COM [LINK]…
Executive Creative Director: Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Associate Creative Director: Mark Clothier
Creative Group Head: Papop Chaowanapreecha
Creative Group Head: Pornpen Rattanasaksopana 

Art Directors: 
Krissada Jun-On, Shayne Chomchinda, Prapat Patomchaiwiwat, Kajohnchai Rodklongtan , Weerayutt Angkharach 
Copywriters: Mark Clothier, Tanongsak Tannoprat, Chavanon Tantisiriseranee, Nattinee Hemwanno 
Producer: Aitthipat Boonkumol 
Creator: Poowadon Potichat 
Photographer: Kritsada Khonkaew 
Developer @ Temporary Trick: Siraphop Rhompo 
Music Composer: Circle of Sound / CA, USA @ Tomas Jacobi
Lee Sharrock
Director of Global Creative PR
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
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Tel: +44 20 7462 7218. 
Mobile: +44 7814 862 834
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