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Hal Riney and Reagan’s Morning in America

A New Morning in America?
The twelve years, 1968 – 1980 were pretty turbulent times in American politics.  2001 – 2016 might show some parallels in terms of the marketing of political candidates. Just as voters became weary of the same-old, same-old as the ’80′s approached, the tone of political advertising is likely to change as the 2016 elections draw near. What will the next messages take to jaded voters? And could the next big election cycle set the stage for a Roaring ’20′s mentality?

Not all station wagons and dogs behind the white picket fences…
With changing times come politicians, actors and troubadours tilting at windmills. What messages will the next political adguys strike a nerve with? The softness, richness, down-to-earth approach could very well be the calming influence against those imaginary enemies… most of the world may be ready to shift gears into a new paradigm, the USA included. Will Advertising lead the way? Or will it follow?
Contrast & Compare | Bill Clinton’s “Hope” against Reagan’s “Morning”:

Optimism and the American Dream. It’s a message that never fades. Oddly & ironically, it may be the simplest, most real and anti-quixotic message of all…
Not all station wagons and white picket fences….

Cannes Contender

@Cannes: Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai
[PRESS RELEASE] These days, it’s hard to find someone not wearing headphones listening to music on the way to work, school or just walking around the city. Although people live for their daily dose of tunes, listening to music while walking around is ironically a big safety issue. It is said that since 2011, traffic accidents have increased by 300% in China because people wearing headphones drown out ambient warning sounds.

In 2014, Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai helps VICE to introduce Mutesic in China, they’re turning the music down when a fan’s attention should be somewhere else. Mutesic is a mobile phone add-on that lets people enjoy their music on any player, and helps keep them safe and aware on the road. It automatically syncs with users’ current location using GPS, and then decreases the volume of their music as they approach busy road intersections.

More info:
Lee Sharrock
Director of Global Creative PR
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
80 Charlotte Street, London W1A 1AQ
+ 44 (0) 20 7462 7218
+ 44 (0) 7580 938 674

Green Saffron for culinary novices

Bluemarlin design new Green Saffron range for culinary novices
Fresh Spice specialist Green Saffron has added a new range to its existing portfolio. Designed by international brand design consultancy bluemarlin, it’s set to widen the
brand’s appeal to an audience of cookery beginners, inspiring their gastronomic imagination. The range, consisting of ready-made curry sauces and spice mix sachets, launches in supermarkets across Ireland this month.

Green Saffron is the passion project of entrepreneur Arun Kapil, whose ambition is to bring the freshest, highest-grade whole spices straight from the farms of India to the consumer’s kitchen. The new packaging marks the continuation of the branding platform bluemarlin created for Green Saffron’s retail debut last year.
Bold with a colloquial tone of voice, the new design communicates the simplicity of making something delicious. A dominant deep purple colour palette unites the range while Green Saffron’s distinctive logo and signature 19th Century etchings remain an assured presence on the new products. Both elements symbolise the brand’s aim to deliver on adventurous flavour and colourful personality. “The new range stands out on shelf. Clear variant differentiation and usage instructions make it easy for consumers to select the product and prepare beautiful meals. To appeal to consumers that are just setting out on their culinary journey, we made sure that Green Saffron’s knowledgeable cadence and uniquely humorous attitude remain as prominent as ever,” said Simon Pendry, Creative Director bluemarlin UK.
Green Saffron founder Arun Kapil added, “The packaging for this range extension shows the brilliant adaptability of bluemarlin’s original design solution, clearly communicating how Green Saffron can easily add a world of taste to home-cooked food. It’s a great testament to the success of the on-going partnership between
ourselves and the agency.”
Also launching in the coming weeks is Green Saffron’s first rice product. The premium Aged Basmati marks the expansion of the brand’s portfolio into a wider variety of Indian cuisine.
For further information please contact:
Bluemarlin Group Communications Manager Aimee Rivers
2/3 Melbray Mews, 158 Hurlingham Road, Fulham, London SW6 3NS
T: +44 (0)20 7471 6330

About bluemarlin
This year marks bluemarlin’s 20th year in the brand design industry. Through the years, the agency has evolved from a UK packaging design firm to an International
Brand Consultancy with studios in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This international network gives us the advantage of providing for our clients with a truly global reach, as well as agility and cultural perspective around the clock. Fuelled by continuous reinvestment in our people and total commitment to producing brave, stimulating creative work, we actively pursue challenges that push the boundaries and deliver game-changing results. We remain a fiercely independent firm that treasures its freedom and autonomy whilst being committed to ideals, based on entrepreneurialism, curiosity, and adventure. This independence allows us to make decisions for the primary benefit of our core stakeholders: our clients. Our unique, fully integrated process is structured to deliver creatively engineered solutions that balance profit with planet. Dedicated teams comprised of strategic planners, 2D and 3D designers, production realisation managers, supply chain and manufacturing specialists and client services managers are involved in every step of each project we take on; from idea inception through to implementation at point of sale, we are committed to creating effective design that make a difference in people’s lives and to our clients’ bottom line.