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Cable Television on the Wane

The Death of Cable TV ?
As seen on Fox Business News: Yieldbot [LINK] founder and CEO Jonathan Mendez on the drop in TV ad spending on cable networks. A “new normal” in ad spending means a shift towards digital.  Cable operators need to become more digital?  The age of Big Data continues…

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Major League Baseball Marketing Strategy

Colorado Rockies Try Different PR Tactic
Dick Monfort, owner, President & CEO of the Colorado Rockies went off on a tangent the other day.  He apparently decided to try a different sort of marketing strategy, telling a fan simply, “If product and experience that bad don’t come!” [LINK – original post on KREX-TV. More in video below]  Public Relations may not be Mr. Monfort’s forte.
It’s certainly a unique approach from the owner of the last-place Rockies, whose fans have supported the team with solid attendance through thick & thin for years.  Rockies’ home attendance has surpassed National League averages for the past 6 consecutive years and has fallen below 2 million only once [1995] in the 20+-year history of the club [LINK].  Time will tell if the remarks prove detrimental, but Colorado baseball fans have always supported their clubs, going way back to the Denver Bears’ minor league run [LINK]…   And more commentary from the Mike & Mike Show of ESPN [LINK]:
A major landmark in Denver’s LoDo District… “Don’t Come?!” Really???
Downtown Denver landmark, courtesy of Wikimedia (CLICK for link)

NextDraft Marketing Strategy

Selling on Not Selling
In one of the more recent NextDraft email newsletters, Dave Pell starts out, “I don’t want your money. I’m not asking you to invest in my startup or even to back my potato salad recipe. I just want you to help me achieve a goooooal. It takes a lot of time to read the Internet and this is a one dude operation. I don’t charge anything. I don’t sell anything. (Come to think of it, my business model sucks.) The only way I can grow this sucker is with your help. So come on and take one lousy minute and do me these two small favors.”  Read more at NextDraft [LINK].  [Editor’s Note:  It’s a good newsletter, by the way.]
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