32 Advertisers Doing Amazing Things With Facebook's Timeline (FB)

Facebook‘s Timeline feature — which arranges your entire history of photo uploads and status updates into a scrollable continuum  —has been around for more than a year now.
It offers advertisers a big, bright palette onto which they can pour the most creative imagery they’ve got. We highlighted those companies who were best at it last year.
When Facebook rolls out its new News Feed redesign, many of these photos and videos are going to appear even bigger. A brand’s Timeline cover photo will become even more prominent in others’ News Feeds.
Here are our top picks, from the world’s biggest advertiser — Procter & Gamble — to niche labels such as J Brand.
SEPHORA uses any opportunity to talk about color. This image was part of its runup to St. Patrick’s Day. Color and imagery are what counts in Timeline — more than video, frankly.

MICHAEL KORS: Simply exquisite. This is part of a Michelle Obama shoot for Vogue featured on MK’s Timeline.

NIKE’s page is the very model of a good Facebook Timeline. Huge pictures. Relevant product information. Lots of wide-screen embedded video, too. Most companies haven’t explored video on Facebook, yet.

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