A Bunch Of Dudes Made A Hilarious Parody Of Dove's 'Real Beauty' Self-Esteem Test

A comedy troupe made up of dudes have made a pitch-perfect parody of Dove’s new — and very viral — “Real Beauty” campaign.
Dove’s ad, made by Ogilvy, enlisted an FBI sketch artist to show women that they are more beautiful than they think they are. The video compared sketches of how women described themselves versus how strangers described them. Not only were strangers’ descriptions more attractive, but they were also more accurate.
New Feelings Time Comedy’s parody shows that if guys were put in the same situation, their self-esteem would be skewed as well: They think they are way hotter than they are.
While women would say, “I have a fat, rounder face,” their male counterparts would describe their faces as almost perfectly symmetrical, “almost like a white Denzel Washington.”
Their eyes? “A lot of people say they’re an abyss because they just don’t end.”
Watch the hilarious parody below: 

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