AD OF THE DAY: Orangina's Unsettling Animals-Who-Look-Like-Humans Campaign

This new spot from Orangina builds on a long campaign featuring scantily clad animals who look creepily like humans. Fred & Farid is the agency.
A hipster goat-girl waits for the bus next to an annoying woman ranting on the phone. Hipster goat rolls her eyes, sipping Orangina.
Then, a conveniently-placed pigeon releases a comically large deposit onto phone girl’s head. Hipster goat looks mildly amused; the pigeon flashes a cheesy, animatronic grin.
“Stay Alive, Drink Orangina” is the tagline. We are led to assume the soda will prevent such disasters from happening to us.
Something about these ads is unsettling, but their longevity suggests the campaign must be working well.

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