AD OF THE DAY: Parker Posey Struggles With A Man Who Can Only Speak In Ad Slogans

“A Word From Our Sponsor” is a new indie flick that takes advertising to a bizarre realm of creativity.
Due out May 10 in theaters (and May 6 on VOD), the movie features Bruce Greenwood (of Star Trek) as the CEO of a major advertising agency who disappears without a trace. He is found one year later, by Parker Posey, unconscious in front of a wall of TVs.
When he comes to, he seems outwardly normal … but we quickly realize that he can only speak in ad slogans.
It seems that “one in 25 men are colorblind; the other 24 are just dressed that way” would be a difficult phrase to work into every day conversation. But audiences of this film will have to be a little bit flexible with their interpretation of the script — it can’t have been easy to find enough recognizable slogans to prop up an hour-and-a-half of gripping drama.
Indie genius, or rampant embedded marketing gone awry? We’ll have to see this summer. For now, get a taste right here:

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