AD OF THE DAY: Watch This Couple Wage A Brutal War Against Garden Gnomes

Ikea recons its backyard furniture and accessories are so cool, garden gnomes will revolt in jealousy.
At least that’s the theme in a new TV spot from the Swedish furniture retailer.
A young couple redecorating their garden bring out various pieces of IKEA’s spring outdoor collection. Feeling one-upped by the chic plastic furniture, the ceramic gnomes recruit their next-door buddies for a full-scale revolt against the humans.
Gnomes are thrown into pools and against fences. They are brutally smashed into pieces, causing an even greater uprising from a revenge-seeking army.
In the end, the couple discover the garden accessory that destroys the gnomes for good. For all your gnome-fighting needs, I’m sure you can find it at Ikea. The agency is Mother, London.

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