AD OF THE DAY: What If Sin City Was Canadian?

JWT Toronto released a short video for the opening of the 2013 Canadian Film Festival that takes a self-deprecating look at what the film noir classic “Sin City” might have looked like if it was written by Canadians.
The scene features a burly spoof of the Sin City character John Hartigan gazing off a bridge, ready to jump. Suddenly, his lover appears, asking if he really wants to take the plunge.
“It’s gotta be over 60 meters down,” she sighs in a Canadian accent.
“Meters…what’s a meter?” responds the protagonist, looking confused. He is clearly an American, and not a user of the metric system. She explains, and the scene continues.
Then, the topic changes to the cold temperature, which she notes in Celsius.
“This is bullshit…what the f*** is Celsius?” exclaims the Hartigan character, leaping off the set, which is suddenly revealed as a small stage in front of a green screen. “Somebody call my agent.”
“Great films that are Canadian. Maybe a little too Canadian,” reads the closing caption, brilliantly kicking off a celebration of Canadian films.

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