Adidas Releases Limited-Edition 'Boston Stands As One' Shirt [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:
Adidas made a limited edition “Boston Stands As One” T-shirt. Proceeds will go to The One Fund Boston, which will aid bombing victims. The shirt costs $26.20.
Advertising agencies are moving across the Hudson river and into Jersey, Ad Age reports.
YouTube beat its Viacom lawsuit. The legal battle began in 2007.
LG made a prank video in which it tries to give men “stage fright” at urinals.
Sarah Thompson, who has been at Droga5 for five years, is the agency’s new CEO. The shop announced nine other promotions as well.
Mashable has five ways to expand your email list.
Procter & Gamble is ramping up its “My Black Is Beautiful” initiative with a film called “Imagine a Future,” which will screen in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival.
Deutsch LA created new digital work for the VW Jetta. It took over the Yahoo! home page and created a game called Hybrid Hunter.
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