Advertisers Are Watching You: Inside The World Of Facial Recognition Technology

If you thought that facial recognition software was just some obscure, futuristic technology that only has real-life applications in sci-fi flicks like “Minority Report” and “Gattaca,” think again.
Big business has refined facial identification. And it is everywhere.
As Lesley Stahl reported on “60 Minutes” last weekend, “the ability of computers to identify faces has gotten 100 times better, a million times faster, and exponentially cheaper.”
The “60 Minutes” segment gives an in-depth account of all the scary advancements in the field – highlighting the technology’s ability to track your whereabouts, mine your personal data, and even predict your social security number.
If you’re not too freaked out to learn more about the insidious ubiquity of facial ID-ing, we’ve summarized the 60 Minutes segment in the slideshow below. 
Carnegie Mellon’s science lab created a toy drone outfitted with facial recognition software so advanced that it can identify a face from a far distance. The lab’s research is expected to take surveillance to a whole other level.

The facial recognition software can either capture real people from its cameras or convert a flat image into a 3D model.

The software maps people’s faces with dots and then creates a “faceprint” as unique as fingerprint. The image produced can be matched with pre-existing photos stored in databases.

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