Amazon Strongly Defends Banned Ad That Uses The C-Word

Amazon defended an ad’s use of the c-word as “light hearted” after the UK’s ban-happy Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) pulled it from the site. 
The controversial online ad in question appeared on  and featured a picture of a Christmas card by that read “YOU’RE A C*** SORRY, I MEANT TO SAY ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’”. (We’ve edited the text.)
Amazon objected to the ban, telling the ASA that “it was meant as a bit of light-hearted fun.”
According to the ruling, Amazon “acknowledged that the humour might not be to everybody’s taste, but considered that the subjective values of a small minority who might find it distasteful should not dictate a product’s availability or the method of its advertisement to the wider public.”
Amazon also argued that not only were adults probably the only demographic searching for Christmas cards online (thus children’s eyes would remain unscandalized), but it is “inappropriate for the ASA to investigate the display of a product for sale.”
The ASA disagreed and ordered that the ad be removed in its current form.
While Amazon surely can’t keep a close eye on every product that gets sold and advertised on its site, it is interesting that it would fight so vigorously to keep an ad display starring the four letter word.
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