An Ex-NFL Player Is The New Face Of Adult Diapers

Tony Siragusa might have been an NFL defensive tackle, but today he is “training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood.”
Siragusa is the new face of bladder leakage prevention in Depend’s first-ever ad campaign aimed at men. And he’s heavy on the machismo.
Although Ad Age notes, however, that the state of Siragusa’s bladder control is currently unknown given that he never refers to suffering from the problem in the Ogilvy-created ad. He merely acts as a leakage coach. This is a different tactic from Kimberly-Clark Corp.’s strategy for a Poise ad campaign three years ago in which Whoopi Goldberg admitted to suffering from a little “spritz” every now and then. K-C Corp owns Depend and Poise.
Other underwear protector celebrity spokespeople include Lisa Rinna, from “Days of our Lives,” and Kirstie Alley, who played the Poise Light Bladder Leakage Fairy.
“Men entering the category are pretty confused,” Depend brand director Liz Metz told Ad Age, continuing that Siragusa was chosen because of “the masculinity and normalcy of the condition and making men know they’re not alone in this journey.”
Watch the ad below:

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