AppNexus CEO, Who Said Mobile Ads Were 'Not Significant' In January, Will Now Go 'All In'

Just three months after declaring the mobile advertising real-time bidding market “not significant” and “tiny,” AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley told his partners in San Francisco that going forward, mobile would be the company’s main focus. AppNexus is now going “all in” to mobile, according AdExchanger.
2013 has been a year of dramatic change at AppNexus. We recently reported that AOL veteran Lynda Clarizio, AppNexus’s EVP of corporate development and operations, left the company after just a few months of working there.
That came after the firm raised a $75 million round of investment funding.
And it’s been the subject of talks about whether Yahoo might take a stake in the company, joining Microsoft, which already owns a piece of AppNexus.
Yesterday, O’Kelley told staffer that the whole company is going mobile, AdExchanger reports:
[He] told attendees at the company’s San Francisco summit that the company is going “all in” with its mobile strategy.
“The idea is to port our entire platform to mobile,” O’Kelley told AdExchanger. “To have one platform that does display and mobile seamlessly, as opposed to this current divide which is one display ecosystem and one mobile ecosystem.”
Back in January, he told PandoDaily mobile was “not significant” to AppNexus:
We’ve been supporting mobile RTB since 2010 but its really not significant. Mobile advertising that’s not search is something like 3 percent of display. It’s tiny. It’s inevitable that at some point we’ll have to focus on it.
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