As Seen on Amazon

Screenshot Highlights Advertising on Amazon
Pictured on a mid-November evening, as an “un-cookied”* user might have seen the website.  A visitor located in the United States was presented with the following screen upon first contact.  The user was not logged in to his or her account.  Among the highlights:

The all-new Kindle Fire HD, top-center
Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week, center cut
Public Service Announcement for the American Red Cross & Typhoon Haiyan relief
300 x 250 pixel tile for Sony digital camera
30% Off on Watches tile
Tile for the Christmas Store
Samsung Galaxy S4 sponsored tile
Another countdown to Black Friday tile display

Finally, Amazon makes large mention of its Prime Membership and the movies that are included at no additional cost.  Among those included here are 007 Skyfall, Avengers and the Hunger Games, among other films.  Actual screenshot appears below….
Actual screenshot of visit on November 13, 2013
*That is, a visitor without a pre-existing cookie deposited into the browser….

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