Beanbag Chair Makes a Comeback

10 Marketing Trends Reborn
Fombag puts an interesting twist on its marketing.  They’ve produced a really cool infographic with their product as one element.  Check it out:

LINK: 10 trends that are back
“Infographics” have been around for many years – almost 400 years, in fact according to some sources (LINK).  It is generally thought the term “graph” was first used in 1878 in the magazine Nature (LINK).  And credit has been given to Edward Tufte for his lectures in the 1990′s on the presentation of “informational graphics” (LINK); hence the term “info-graphic”.  Many famous schematics are sometimes thought of as infographics, such as the London Tube Map – LINK to Mapping London.
Infographics today have received lots of attention for the value as quick summarization tools and embeddability for social media.  Fombag’s embedding its product, essentially a bean bag chair, is a marketing move to take note of – and perhaps emulate.
CLICK for Fombag’s Website

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