Beyonce Wears Every Outfit That Made Her Famous In New Pepsi Ad

Beyonce released a new commercial today for Pepsi in which she confronts some of her past looks from old music videos.
We did the world a huge favor by going through the video, frame by frame, and identifying which of Beyonce’s old looks were resurrected for the new spot.
You’re welcome.
Here they are, in order as they appear in the ad.
The video opens with Beyonce rehearsing dance moves for a new song, “Mirrors,” but something weird happens when she takes a break for a sip of Pepsi.

An older version of herself appears in one of the mirrors. But which of her hits did she wear this outfit for?

We kinda gave it away on the first page: This was “Bootylicious,” from back in the day when she was part of Destiny’s Child.

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