Blue Marlin’s gDiapers Eco-Friendly Campaign

April 16, 2013
Blue Marlin makes a dirty job simply adorable
Fashionable, functionable and green! Integrated brand design agency, Blue Marlin gives Portlandbased brand gDiapers a makeover that reflects their eco-friendly brand essence. The international rollout hits shelves this month and will be seen in USA, Canada and Europe. The gDiapers brand is quickly growing as it prepares to enter major retailers in new markets both instore and online across the globe. In order to speak to the rising target market of Generation Y moms and ensure clear navigation at shelf, gDiapers asked Blue Marlin New York to give its packaging portfolio a fresh new look that clearly communicates the brand’s message, “cute bum & small footprint.”

Visually engaging and green-focused, gDiapers’ new packaging is simply “ecodorable”- cute and biodegradable*. The “g” stands out as a focal point communicating the values of gDiapers – gorgeous, green, and genuine. An innovative peek-a-boo window brings consumers closer to the product, showcasing its unique material and aesthetic. Blue Marlin New York Creative Director, Anna Milivojevich comments – “Our goal was to shift the diaper experience from a burden to an inspiration. We wanted to attract and delight new parents with the design as well as bring out the brand’s message – “Happy Baby. Happy Planet.” Jolynn Mitchell of gDiapers adds – “At our roots, gDiapers is about the Australian ‘fair dinkum’ philosophy – an expression that means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter. Blue Marlin understood this and worked with gDiaper’s in house designer, Shelley Stout and her creative team to take the packaging to another level that can be communicated in a larger, culturally diverse market.
About Blue Marlin
This year marks Blue Marlin’s 20th year in the brand design industry, and whilst this is a date worthy of recognition and reflection, we are looking forward to the future rather than congratulating ourselves on our past. Through the years, we have evolved from a UK packaging design firm to an International Brand Consultancy with offices in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This international network gives us the advantage of providing for our clients with a truly global reach, as well as agility and cultural perspective around the clock. Our growth has been organic, fuelled by continuous reinvestment in our people and total commitment to producing brave, stimulating creative work. To this end, we actively pursue
challenges that push the boundaries and deliver game-changing results. At Blue Marlin, we are driven by our wonder and respect for the world we live in, for the cultures that thrive within it, and for the ideas that transform it. We remain a fiercely independent firm that treasures its freedom and autonomy whilst being committed to ideals, which are based on entrepreneurialism, curiosity, and adventure.
This independence allows us to make decisions for the primary benefit of our core stakeholders: our clients. Our unique, fully integrated process is structured to deliver creatively engineered solutions that balance profit with planet. Dedicated teams comprised of strategic planners, 2D and 3D designers, production realization managers, supply chain and manufacturing specialists and client services managers are involved in every step of each project we take on; from idea inception through to implementation at point of sale, we are committed to creating effective design that make a difference in people’s lives and to our clients’ bottom line. We look forward to the opportunities that the future brings, and we remain open to evolving our business and adding new services, to capitalize on new technologies and emerging market needs, so that we continue to provide braver brand building, and category challenging solutions for our clients. For more information contact:
Aimee Rivers
Group Communications Manager
Tel 020 7471 6330
About gDiapers
gDiapers [LINK] is a family-centered, socially responsible company that believes business and family can go together better. We love babies and we love the planet, which is why founders, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye started a diaper company that is gentle on both. gDiapers consist of reusable, adorable diaper cover and disposable, biodegradable* inserts. gDiapers. cute bum. small footprint. * Disposable inserts are biodegradable in home composts per ASTM standards by a third party independent lab (wet ones only please). Nothing truly biodegrades in a landfill. But gDiapers give you 3 options for disposal. Flush, compost or toss. The choice is yours.

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