Bud Light's Loudly Supporting Gay Marriage — No Matter What The Haters Say

Bud Light thrust itself into the middle of the gay marriage conversation by posting an ad on its Facebook page promoting equality.
The pic features a pair of Bud Light cans aligned like an equals sign, mimicking the Human Rights Campaign’s symbol for marriage equality that went viral this week.
In around 15 hours, the post has accumulated more than 34,000 ‘likes’ and racked up 1,400 comments.
The response from commenters was predictable.
The thread devolved into one gigantic internet fight.
And it’s not even really an argument. It’s more like everyone simply proclaiming which side they’re on and letting the world know that they’re either going to buy Bud Light, or boycott Bud Light.
There’s the one side:

“To the Christian believer I say homosexuality is a sin, mentioned over and over as such in the Bible. Abstain from it in love to God and love toward your neighbor.”
“You guys can have gay marriage as long as it’s a gay man marrying a gay woman. Anything else is wrong and against the Lord’s will.”
“Thanks Bud Light for making me realize you are as corrupt as this world. I’m kicking you out of my fridge!”
“Been drinking Bud Light religiously for 15 years straight and this as now came to an end because of this pic.”

And the other:

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