Budweiser's 'Buddy Cup' Will Get You Facebook Friends While You're Drunk

Budweiser has developed the ultimate social media drinking receptacle — cups that link drinkers on Facebook when they “chin-chin” them together.
Launched in Brazil by Agencia Africa and the design studio Bolha, the cups will be used at Budweiser-sponsored events (for now). A QR code on the bottom of each cup allows it to be linked to its holder’s Facebook through their cell phone. Scan the code, and let the drunken Friending begin.
While Adweek calls it “the dumbest high-tech brand innovation yet,” the cup does come with a catchy little commercial. And though it is unlikely to be implemented on a mass-produced scale, it shows that Bud is at least thinking about social media-driven branding.
Sergio Gordilho, Agencia Africa’s chief creative officer, said that “innovation is in Budweiser’s DNA. Its platforms are constantly surprising customers with the best there is … the ‘Buddy Cup’ is another idea bringing the brand even closer to its customers and opening new levels of interaction for them.”
Is this the red Solo cup of the future? Probably not. But it’s a good move from a brand that wants to remain relevant to a young, socially-connected crowd. Even if the only way most of us will experience the Buddy Cup is through this video:

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