Carl's Jr. Outsmarted The Censors Who Banned This Risqué Ad

When Carl’s Jr.’s new, racy commercial for the Memphis BBQ Burger was banned in New Zealand for being sexually explicit and degrading, the fast food chain decided to fight back.
The burger maker released an even racier radio commercial that describes everything that happens in the condemned spot down to the last detail.
The audio, over the sounds of women squealing in the background, makes the ad sound even worse than it is. A voice sets the scene, introducing a barbecuing blonde and brunette, “It’s a very hot day so unfortunately they’ve had to take most of their clothes off. Luckily they do have bikini tops on.”
The voice then describes the fight that takes place when a pulled pork accidentally lands on a burger (and “the brunette’s chest area.”)
“It’s just attractive bikini top wearing women and flying meat … and they want each other — oh hold on a minute they want the burger.”
Here’s the 30-second TV ad, made by 72andSunny, that New Zealand doesn’t want you to see:

And here’s the 60-second radio ad, made by Special Group. It’s way worse:

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