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Saatchi New Director Showcase to be Screened in Moscow

Legendary Event at Strelka Institute
PRESS RELEASE | On 21st August Saatchi & Saatchi Russia will host a screening of the New Directors’ Showcase (NDS), which is one of the most popular events at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and is now in its 24th year. The venue of the Moscow event is the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, where guests will have the chance to see the 2014 NDS Showreel for the first time in Russia. The 2014 NDS Showreel premiered in Cannes on 19th June and was followed by screenings in London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles. Screenings are also planned in Shanghai and Geneva this year.
The Moscow event will be presented by Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO in Russia Alex Shifrin, and will include a short film of the NDS #feelthreel event in Cannes, and a live panel discussion involving leading Russian film and advertising directors.
Alex Shifrin commented: “We are so glad to have a chance to screen such an amazing show on a big screen in Moscow. There is plenty of humour and visual magic mixed with provocative and even shocking content in the Showreel of 2014. It is definitely worth seeing.”

Every year the Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Creative Board selects the most exciting new global directorial talent, and the NDS has established a reputation for showcasing such iconic directors as Spike Jonze, Tarsem, Michel Gondry and Jonathan Glazer at the start of their careers.
This year the Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Creative Board, with creative direction from recently appointed Worldwide Creative Director Pablo Del Campo, made a final selection of 19 films by 18 directors. The class of 2014 hail form Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, UK and the USA. Andy Gulliman – Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Film and Content Director, and curator of the NDS Showreel – commented on the selection process: “We want to be introduced to a new generation with a fresh approach and attitude. We want to find young talent that can manage a traditional format and stand out from the crowd. We want to give great work great exposure.”
The NDS 2014 has a typically eclectic mix of music videos, animated shorts, humour, erotica, surrealism and the grotesque. There are some viral hits on the reel, including Tatia Pilieva’s erotic ‘First Kiss’, and Alberto Belli’s spoof HBO trailer ‘It’s Not Porn’.
The Moscow screening is organized in partnership with the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. The 18 directors selected for the New Directors’ Showcase reel 2014 and their films are listed below:
Tarik Abdel-Gawad Box
Alvise Avati Beans
Alberto Belli It’s Not Porn
Simon Bonde & Peder Ghost of a Smile
Ian & Cooper Joel Compass ‘Back To Me’
Josh Cole Rudimental ‘Not Giving In’
Tripp Crosby Conference Call in Real Life
Ainslie Henderson Moving On
Vania Heymann Walking Contest & Bob Dylan ‘Like A Rolling Stone’
Kyra & Constantin Rollin’ Wild
Ed Morris Cybersmile #dontretaliate
Tatia Pilieva First Kiss
Donato Sansone GrotesquePhotobooth
Emile Sornin Disclosure ‘Grab Her’
Kibwe Tavares Jonah
The Sacred Egg Breach ‘Jack’
Truman & Cooper Kid Wise ‘Hope’
Us The Sunday Times ‘Icons’
Venue address:
Date and Time: 21th of August, 20:00
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Bluemarlin International Growth

Bluemarlin Singapore expands with new leadership
International branding and design agency bluemarlin has announced the appointment of Nadia Romanis as General Manager of its Singapore studio. Romanis will be responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the agency’s endeavours in the Asia Pacific region.
An industry veteran with 15 years experience in brand consultancy and packaging design, Romanis has worked with some of the world’s most prominent retail and FMCG brands including Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé and Mondelez. Prior to joining bluemarlin, she held roles at both Elmwood and JKR.
Romanis’ appointment comes during a period of expansion for bluemarlin Singapore that also includes the arrival of ex-Interbrand Design Director Cathie Cocqueel and Senior Account Manager Koh Bee Chin.
Nadia Romanis of Bluemarlin Singapore
“We’re thrilled to welcome three new industry talents to our team,” commented Tim Arrowsmith, Director of bluemarlin Singapore. “In an increasingly dynamic market and with a huge number of opportunities across the region, Nadia, Cathie and BC will help bluemarlin continue to deliver what we’re famous for – strategically powerful, world class creative solutions.”
Bluemarlin’s has been based in Asia for over a decade. The agency’s first studio on the continent was established in Vietnam to help existing clients expand into the Asia. The agency then spent six years in Bangkok before journeying south to Singapore where it continues to thrive today.
For further information please contact:
Bluemarlin Group Communications Manager Aimee Rivers |

General Motors Retail Sales up 4 percent in July

GM’s Truck and Crossover Sales Surge Past 1 million Units in 2014
“GM total vehicle sales up 9 percent in July – Best July since 2007 Crossovers up 26 percent, SUVs up 32 percent, vans up 65 percentCommercial sales grow for ninth consecutive month”
DETROIT – General Motors Co. NYSE: GM dealers delivered 256,160 vehicles in the United States in July, for the company’s highest July sales since 2007. Total sales were up 9 percent compared with a year ago. Retail sales – those to individual customers – were up 4 percent. Commercial deliveries were up 69 percent and all other fleet deliveries were up 21 percent.
via GM’s Truck and Crossover Sales Surge Past 1 million Units in 2014.
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Cable Television on the Wane

The Death of Cable TV ?
As seen on Fox Business News: Yieldbot [LINK] founder and CEO Jonathan Mendez on the drop in TV ad spending on cable networks. A “new normal” in ad spending means a shift towards digital.  Cable operators need to become more digital?  The age of Big Data continues…

Watch the latest video at
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Major League Baseball Marketing Strategy

Colorado Rockies Try Different PR Tactic
Dick Monfort, owner, President & CEO of the Colorado Rockies went off on a tangent the other day.  He apparently decided to try a different sort of marketing strategy, telling a fan simply, “If product and experience that bad don’t come!” [LINK – original post on KREX-TV. More in video below]  Public Relations may not be Mr. Monfort’s forte.
It’s certainly a unique approach from the owner of the last-place Rockies, whose fans have supported the team with solid attendance through thick & thin for years.  Rockies’ home attendance has surpassed National League averages for the past 6 consecutive years and has fallen below 2 million only once [1995] in the 20+-year history of the club [LINK].  Time will tell if the remarks prove detrimental, but Colorado baseball fans have always supported their clubs, going way back to the Denver Bears’ minor league run [LINK]…   And more commentary from the Mike & Mike Show of ESPN [LINK]:
A major landmark in Denver’s LoDo District… “Don’t Come?!” Really???
Downtown Denver landmark, courtesy of Wikimedia (CLICK for link)

NextDraft Marketing Strategy

Selling on Not Selling
In one of the more recent NextDraft email newsletters, Dave Pell starts out, “I don’t want your money. I’m not asking you to invest in my startup or even to back my potato salad recipe. I just want you to help me achieve a goooooal. It takes a lot of time to read the Internet and this is a one dude operation. I don’t charge anything. I don’t sell anything. (Come to think of it, my business model sucks.) The only way I can grow this sucker is with your help. So come on and take one lousy minute and do me these two small favors.”  Read more at NextDraft [LINK].  [Editor’s Note:  It’s a good newsletter, by the way.]
Find it on Twitter @davepell [LINK] and Facebook [LINK]….

SCOTUS Decision on Aereo

Aereo Killed?
The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled against Aereo today, in AMERICAN BROADCASTING COS., INC., ET AL. v. AEREO, INC., FKA BAMBOOM LABS, INC. [Reference LINK.]  What does this mean exactly?  The death of Aereo?  Probably not entirely – it seems that Aereo is run by some pretty smart folks, with interesting business alliances.  It will mean a shift in business plan, however.
Here’s what Aereo CEO,  Chet Kanojia had to say:  “Today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court is a massive setback for the American consumer. We’ve said all along that we worked diligently to create a technology that complies with the law, but today’s decision clearly states that how the technology works does not matter. This sends a chilling message to the technology industry.  It is troubling that the Court states in its decision that, ‘to the extent commercial actors or other interested entities may be concerned with the relationship between the development and use of such technologies and the Copyright Act, they are of course free to seek action from Congress.’ (Majority, page 17)That begs the question: Are we moving towards a permission-based system for technology innovation?” Read more HERE.
Maybe yes.  Maybe no.  SCOTUS – or, at least the 6 Justices of the majority – ruled that Aereo is effectively a cable TV system.  Justice Breyer, writing for the majority says on page 9, “We recognize, and Aereo and the dissent emphasize, one particular difference between Aereo’s system and thecable systems at issue in Fortnightly and Teleprompter. The systems in those cases transmitted constantly; theysent continuous programming to each subscriber’s television set. In contrast, Aereo’s system remains inert until a subscriber indicates that she wants to watch a program.Only at that moment, in automatic response to the subscriber’s request, does Aereo’s system activate an antenna and begin to transmit the requested program.
“This is a critical difference, says the dissent. It means that Aereo’s subscribers, not Aereo, “selec[t] the copyrighted content” that is “perform[ed],” post, at 4 (opinion of SCALIA, J.), and for that reason they, not Aereo, “transmit”the performance. Aereo is thus like “a copy shop that provides its patrons with a library card.” Post, at 5. A copy shop is not directly liable whenever a patron uses the shop’s machines to “reproduce” copyrighted materials found in that library. See §106(1) (“exclusive righ[t] . . . to reproduce the copyrighted work”). And by the same token, Aereo should not be directly liable whenever its patrons use its equipment to “transmit” copyrighted television programs to their screens.”
Broadcast antenna from wikimedia; click for creative commons attirbution.
Continuing, “In our view, however, the dissent’s copy shop argument,in whatever form, makes too much out of too little. Given Aereo’s overwhelming likeness to the cable companiestargeted by the 1976 amendments, this sole technological difference between Aereo and traditional cable companies does not make a critical difference here.”  So essentially, Aereo is a cable company?  Very well; but in it’s opinion, SCOTUS effectively lays out a roadmap for Aereo to overcome this ruling – and not just by passing legislation, which SCOTUS mentions.
Early days for the post-ruling Aereo.  …Meanwhile, we’ll just have to go back to our over-the-air HD antennas….
A “blow to the Internet”, as CNN says below?  Naaahhh… but stay tuned.


AFSP-PFP Seattle Auction and Masquerade Party

AFSP Fundraiser
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Washington State Chapter is holding its first-ever Silent Auction and Midsummer Masquerade Party. Saturday, June 21st at 7:00pm, Talaris Conference Center.

Visit for details & to buy tickets or contribute. Other questions? Please call 206.258.0844

Hal Riney and Reagan’s Morning in America

A New Morning in America?
The twelve years, 1968 – 1980 were pretty turbulent times in American politics.  2001 – 2016 might show some parallels in terms of the marketing of political candidates. Just as voters became weary of the same-old, same-old as the ’80′s approached, the tone of political advertising is likely to change as the 2016 elections draw near. What will the next messages take to jaded voters? And could the next big election cycle set the stage for a Roaring ’20′s mentality?

Not all station wagons and dogs behind the white picket fences…
With changing times come politicians, actors and troubadours tilting at windmills. What messages will the next political adguys strike a nerve with? The softness, richness, down-to-earth approach could very well be the calming influence against those imaginary enemies… most of the world may be ready to shift gears into a new paradigm, the USA included. Will Advertising lead the way? Or will it follow?
Contrast & Compare | Bill Clinton’s “Hope” against Reagan’s “Morning”:

Optimism and the American Dream. It’s a message that never fades. Oddly & ironically, it may be the simplest, most real and anti-quixotic message of all…
Not all station wagons and white picket fences….

Cannes Contender

@Cannes: Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai
[PRESS RELEASE] These days, it’s hard to find someone not wearing headphones listening to music on the way to work, school or just walking around the city. Although people live for their daily dose of tunes, listening to music while walking around is ironically a big safety issue. It is said that since 2011, traffic accidents have increased by 300% in China because people wearing headphones drown out ambient warning sounds.

In 2014, Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai helps VICE to introduce Mutesic in China, they’re turning the music down when a fan’s attention should be somewhere else. Mutesic is a mobile phone add-on that lets people enjoy their music on any player, and helps keep them safe and aware on the road. It automatically syncs with users’ current location using GPS, and then decreases the volume of their music as they approach busy road intersections.

More info:
Lee Sharrock
Director of Global Creative PR
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
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