AdWords Search Funnels Direct Response

This is a BIG deal!  Google has recently launched its “Search Funnels”.  This marks one step closer to the holy grail of direct response target marketing – and a tool that every small business must master.

The search funnel defines a process of consumer behavior.  And it will allow every business to spend its advertising dollars in the most rational, sensible & cost-effective manner possible.

Take a look:

Holy Grail in Valencia, Spain

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Google AdWords Explained

For small businesses, the realm of Google Adwords is at the very least arcane & for many impossible to master on their own – given the limited resources & time constraints faced by most small businesses.

If you’d like to tackle the process of placing Adwords on your own, the video below provides a good, basic overview; but remember – while Google search comprises roughly 65% market share, it does not represent the total market. It’s still necessary to advertise in other venues.

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Existential Advertising Is Not Enough

While the Internet has changed the face of business forever, one large business segment has been left behind – The Local Business Owner.  If you own a business & operate on a local level, then what you need is a complete geo-targeted online advertising campaign to compete with national chains and major corporations.

Local business requires a unique positioning in the arena of multimedia advertising. Existing on the Internet has never been enough. And while  search engine optimization tactics providing a presence with a purpose is a great thing, it’s got to be done cost-efficiently & without breaking the bank.

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