Cheerios Cereal Commercials

Historic Cereal Commercials
Ah, the good-ol’ innocent days of Saturday-morning cartoons, sponsored by the big cereal companies… Archive from YouTube:

A screenshot from the YouTube posting…
For General Mills’ YouTube Channel, click pic (LINK)
Cereal Invented Saturday Morning?
During its heyday in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s, it was said that on Saturday mornings in America, at least one in three TV commercials was from a cereal company.  Logical: where were the kids then?  It was the time of the “Big 3″ Television Networks; and Saturday morning TV was a scheduled  appointment destination viewing for just about every child between the ages of 3 and 13.
Of course, the Big 3 were about to become the Big 4 . . . and today? Pretty much on-demand – wherever; WHENEVER – viewing.  So, as times change, so do companies’ marketing habits.  Here’s a pic from General Mills’ Cheerios’ Facebook Page:
LINK: Click pic for Cheerios’ Facebook Page
Innocents Lost
And the innocent days of Saturday morning cereal commercials?
Long gone in more ways than one…

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