Coachella Fashion Influencers

Viral Fashion Trends
Interesting how new fashion trends take root and grow.  With social media & mobile devices paired up, today’s “hot looks” catch on from any number of sources.  It’s really very difficult to create an ad campaign that can work marketing magic with such efficiency.  Ideally, a marketing strategy will pair the worlds of traditional campaigning, with new media to form a multi-pronged attack plan.  Seeing a celeb using a product on one’s smartphone can carry tremendous weight.  And it’s certainly why the Celebrity Endorsement has grown to new heights, and marketers are more willing to sign famous folks to bigger & bigger deals [examples – LINK]….
Take a look at some of the trends emerging from Coachella and how they impact the arena of style & fashion… Who, What, Wear’s take [LINK]… a Canadian point of view [LINK]… from the UK [LINK]…  from MTV [LINK] – does MTV show music videos any more?
Below, Coachella 2014 Poster [used with permission LINK]; LINK to Coachella website…


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