The Art of Storytelling

If you tell a compelling story that people identify with, they will want to buy.  It is perhaps the oldest truism in advertising.  At its heart, storytelling is the essential craft of ad folks… And there’s no reason not to learn from history. A story that was good in 1840 or 1940 is probably still good today.


Telling a story in “print” is the same today as it was in Gutenberg’s day.  Just that now our presenting technology is in pixels; not imprinted type…

historical ads

Oldies but goodies: ads from times past…

vinatge ads

From the website (link below)

What makes a good ad good doesn’t necessarily change alot. Advertising doesn’t live in a vacuum; so if the circumstances of a marketing venture are similar, then new ads can effectively borrow from the past… The “Hogs ad above can be viewed at Vintage Ad Browser (LINK).

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TV (video) & Radio:

A 2-pronged attack, combining radio & newspaper (and a pseudo-celebrity approach):

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For a celebrity approach, listen to this:

Or a sports star: