CUSTOMER: Lululemon Employee Made Me Bend Over To Prove My Pants Were See-Through

A disgruntled customer says that Lululemon employees made her bend over to prove her pants were see-through. 
The yoga retailer announced it was recalling 17 percent of its pants last week because many were too sheer. 
The Consumerist first reported about the woman’s complaint, made on the Lululemon Facebook page. 
“I went into my local store to return my Astro pants and Invert crops, both purchased this month. I was asked to BEND OVER in order to determine sheerness. The sales associate then perused my butt in the dim lighting of the change room and deemed them “not sheer”. I felt degraded that this is how the recall is being handled. I called the GEC to confirm this is their protocol, and they verified that yes, the “educators” will verify sheerness by asking the customer to bend over.
Please explain as to how this is gratifying customer service? If I think my black Luon pants are sheer and there is a mass recall happening, am I not entitled to go in without having to BEND OVER and obtain a refund?”
But Lululemon’s Facebook administrator quickly worked to address the woman’s complaint, offering to contact her local store.
The company also posted this on Facebook: 

We don’t need to see our guests in the garments to deem them sheer. We want our guests to be comfortable in their products and will make it right for them if they feel their black bottoms are sheer.” 

The company’s CEO, Christine Day, has said that the bending over is the only way to tell whether pants are defective. 

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