Digital Advertising Has Now Blown Past All Other Media But One…

The IAB Internet advertising report for 2012 is out.
Overall, digital advertising grew a respectable 15% in 2012, with the biggest increases coming in search, mobile, and display.
The industry totaled $37 billion for the year, in the U.S. alone.
Here are the highlights:

Mobile grew 111% to $3.4 billion and accounted for 9% of total internet ad revenue in 2012.
Digital video brought in $2.3 billion, up 29%
Search was $16.9 billion, up 14.5%
Display-related advertising revenues totaled $12 billion, up almost 9%
Retail advertisers spent the most, accounting for 20% of total revenue in 2012. Financial services came in second, contributing 13%.

Notably, as the following chart shows, digital advertising now dwarfs newspapers and magazines and is bigger than any other media in the U.S. with the exception of broadcast TV, which hit $40 billion.

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