Everything You Need To Know Before Watching 'Mad Men' Season 6

Season 6 of ‘Mad Men’ premieres on Sunday, and many of us need a refresher course on key plot points. 
From one character’s psychedelic adventures to another’s dramatic suicide, there’s a lot to remember.
We’ve got you covered with this catch-up slideshow.
Tune in on AMC at 9/8 central.
Lane Pryce is dead. He hung himself when Don caught him embezzling money and demanded he resign. Don, and the office in general, are dealing with their guilt.

But business is booming. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is expanding more than ever.

Unfortunately not everyone is going to have a role in the bigger offices. After rising in the ranks at SCDP, Peggy left for a Copy Chief position at Ted Chaough’s agency. She and Don had a very bittersweet farewell.

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