Facebook and Fickle Fans

America Online, circa 1995
Is Facebook, 2013 simply America Online, 1995 redux? And what is its value, really?  The technology of social networks is seemingly easily propagated (LINK to wpmu.org). And mobile is where it matters now. The next generation flits on over to tweet (LINK).  And all this time, energy and money that businesses have put into their FB presence?  Wasted?  Probably not . . . but how valuable is it?

Facebook = AOL?
Not exactly.  Facebook has a tremendous technological foundation, which America Online never really fully realized in the 1990′s and end of the 20th Century.  But this foundation does not really maintain its advantage in the mobile realm. where any number of new applications can find their existence on platforms ranging from Android to ios to Windows 8 to … [fill in the blank].  The script is still being written; so we’re not really going to write the epilogue here.  But business does need to ask these questions every day…. [LINK – Wikipedia]
History of America Online (and AOL): LINK.
America Online Stratup Page from 1995. Click for the current AOL.com
Image left, courtesy Tumblr (LINK).

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