Facebook Says These Are The 20 Best Brands On The Social Network

When it comes to social media strategy, brands like Oreo can create 100 brilliant Facebook posts 100 days in a row (to celebrate its 100th birthday, of course), while other advertisers completely flounder.
So Facebook decided to call out the brands that are doing the best work on the medium — mostly using unpaid advertising — by announcing the winners of its second annual Facebook Studio awards.
An elite group of advertising experts from all the top agencies made up the jury that analyzed which brands deserve the prize, which is actually a simple wooden box with the letter “f” carved on it.
1. Blue Award: DraftFCB got the top prize for posting 100 ads on its Facebook page in 100 days for its 100th birthday.

In those 100 days, Oreo’s Facebook friends went from 26 to 27 million and its Facebook interactions went up 195%.

2. Blue Award: 360i was also awarded for working on the “Daily Twist” campaign.

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