Female Ad Execs Earn Thousands Less Than Their Male Colleagues, These Data Show

Female ad sales execs make tens of thousands of dollars less per year than their male counterparts, according to a survey by SellerCrowd, a professional networking site for media sales people.
SellerCrowd is an anonymous bulletin board where execs trade tips, news and gossip about their advertising clients.
Its membership is strictly limited to salespeople — so that their clients can’t see what’s being said about them.
Recently, the site asked its members to reveal in a survey how much they made in base salaries, bonuses and commissions.
A total of 1,896 people responded, and when the results are sorted by gender they look like this (click to enlarge):

Men’s compensation starts at $55,000 at the low end, but rises to $160,000 in salary and $150,000 in incentive compensation at the high end.
For women, however, the picture was a little different:

While female ad sales folk start reported starting at a higher base, they reported earning $10,000 less than their male colleagues in the higher salary ranges. The difference was $25,000 less at the high end of incentive comp, the survey shows.
Women also reported being less likely to own equity in their employers’ companies.

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