Former Receptionist Moves Up To CEO Of Major Ad Agency [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:
Karen Kaplan might have started as a receptionist, but 30 years later the ad leader is stepping up as the CEO at Hill Holiday. That’s a pretty impressive rise. She’s taking over for Mike Sheehan.
El Al picked Soubriet Byrne & Associates as its new agency of record for U.S. work. The airline spent $389,000 on ads last year, according to Nielsen.
LG moved most of its global media from Mindshare to Havas, Ad Age reports.
Vanity Fair is trying to become better connected with the advertising world. The publication launched a weekly email called “The List” that keeps 1,000 agency folk aware of what’s going on in the issue. 
Here’s what went into creating Oreo’s ad campaign. The cookie has made it past the centennial and turning 101.
Lotame Solutions Inc. launched Crowd Syndicate, a data management solution that gives publishers, ad networks, and brands a way to share first-party data in a permission-based system.
What’s the difference between native and simply “good” advertising?
SoundCloud opened a New York office to sell native ads.
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