Frito-Lay Has Created The Most Meta Snack Ever

Doritos has gone unbelievably meta with its new chip flavor.
Behold, the Doritos Locos Tacos-flavored Doritos.
They’re Doritos chips that taste like the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell that have shells that taste like Doritos. 
Umm… you follow? 
Let’s break this down.

Frito-Lay invents Doritos chips.
Taco Bell and Frito-Lay join forces to create Doritos tacos.
Frito-Lay makes Doritos chips flavored like Doritos tacos.

The new chips come out on April 8. 
Frito-Lay’s also holding a contest to see what people are willing to do to win a pallet of Doritos. Yes, that’s a lot of Doritos.
Here’s the announcement from Doritos’ official Twitter account:

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