FROM ABU DHABI TO ICELAND: 20 Incredible Places Brands Paid To Send Instagrammers

Brands have started tapping into talented, popular, Instagram users to help promote their public image to a young, creative audience.
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Instagrammers, who shoot both professionally and as a hobby, have been sent to some of the most exotic  locations and events around the world — all on companies’ dime.
Volvo has flown influential Instagram users to Abu Dhabi for an ocean race; Burberry tapped people to come to London for fashion week.
While the select few tend to not get paid for their work as photographers, they are still pretty awesome opportunities to aspire to.
ABU DHABI: Puma flew Brian DiFeo (@bridif, 131K followers) and a few other lucky Instagrammers to Abu Dhabi for the Volvo Ocean Race.

MIAMI: The Volvo race had many different legs around the world. Sam Horine took this shot as the boats went from Miami to Portugal.

INDIA: But Horine, who has 223K people following him at @samhorine, has gone all over the world. Louis XIII sent him to India for its product launch.

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