German Parenting Magazine Uses Photos Of Sexting Teens In New Ad Campaign

German parenting magazine Fritz + Fraenzi launched a new marketing campaign that veers from thought provoking to borderline inappropriate. (Warning: Although there is no nudity, the ad may not be suitable for work.)
One ad, made by Swiss agency Jung von Matt, shows images of two virtually naked “teens” sexting. Tag line: “When you can’t find the words, we provide them.”
According to the credits on Ads of the World, the creative team was made up entirely of men. And as ad blogger The Ethical Adman writes, “In my opinion, they just end up contributing to the problem of adults fetishizing teen sexuality.”
It’s also reminiscent of a Milwaukee statutory rape PSA that also missed the mark, in which little girls’ faces were superimposed on adult, cleavage-baring bodies.
Here’s the questionable Fritz + Fraenzi ad:

Another shows teens pretending to be Nazis:
And the final, most mild, ad shows a kid with his hair on fire:

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