Gillette Has Paid Kate Upton To Persuade Men To Shave … Everywhere

Gillette‘s new campaign for the Fusion ProGlide Styler (a trimmer-razor) features Kate Upton, who wants you to know that she doesn’t mind a chest hair on a man, “but definitely not on his back.”
In Gillette’s video, she’s joined by Hannah Simone of TV’s New Girl and actress Genesis Rodriguez at one of those sophisticated cocktail parties where everyone talks about body-hair trimming.
Turns out Simone likes hairless stomachs and Rodriguez “likes men completely hairless, and no she doesn’t think that’s weird.”
A lack of back hair isn’t all Upton wants on behalf of Gillette, however. A print ad that contains a QR code allowing viewers to read Upton’s mind reveals that she feels it is “very important” for a man to groom “down there.”
The agency is BBDO.

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