Google Slips A Gay Rights Message Into Its Mother's Day Ad

Google went beyond its traditional Google Doodle Mother’s Day tribute this year and made a heartwarming ad to celebrate moms.
Last month, Google Creative Lab COO Robert Wong confessed at Ad Age’s Digital Conference, “Not only am I dumbest guy at Google, but I’m the sappiest.”
And the tech giant has certainly cracked the code of how to make a heartwarming ad while showing off Google’s many features. This spot, for example, shows moms video chatting with daughters serving in the military, playing with newborns, and doing a silly dance at a wedding.
It also briefly shows a mom hugging a son as he comes out of the closet. Blink and you’ll miss it. (Google has favored civil rights for gays and lesbians for a while.)

Ad agency Whirled made the spot, and Adweek notes that the creative agency has found its stride in the sappy tech-company-meets-Mother’s Day ad market.
It made a similar spot for ASUS VivoBook touchscreen notebooks, too.

But let’s be honest, praising moms is a pretty solid corporate strategy any time of the year. Just look at Procter & Gamble’s award winning, and very viral, “Thank You Mom” Olympics campaign.

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