Hal Riney and Reagan’s Morning in America

A New Morning in America?
The twelve years, 1968 – 1980 were pretty turbulent times in American politics.  2001 – 2016 might show some parallels in terms of the marketing of political candidates. Just as voters became weary of the same-old, same-old as the ’80′s approached, the tone of political advertising is likely to change as the 2016 elections draw near. What will the next messages take to jaded voters? And could the next big election cycle set the stage for a Roaring ’20′s mentality?

Not all station wagons and dogs behind the white picket fences…
With changing times come politicians, actors and troubadours tilting at windmills. What messages will the next political adguys strike a nerve with? The softness, richness, down-to-earth approach could very well be the calming influence against those imaginary enemies… most of the world may be ready to shift gears into a new paradigm, the USA included. Will Advertising lead the way? Or will it follow?
Contrast & Compare | Bill Clinton’s “Hope” against Reagan’s “Morning”:

Optimism and the American Dream. It’s a message that never fades. Oddly & ironically, it may be the simplest, most real and anti-quixotic message of all…
Not all station wagons and white picket fences….

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