Here Are All 15 Women That Don Draper Has Been With On Mad Men

Don Draper, the ultra-suave star of AMC’s Mad Men series, gets around.
He’s been married twice, divorced once, slapped, manipulated, and heartbroken.
Through it all, his new romantic interests have come and gone so frequently, we’ve found it hard to keep up over five seasons. 
So with Season 6 upon us, now is a great time to look back and recap who Don Draper’s women are, what they mean to Don, and where their encounters left off.
Some characters are obvious; others you won’t even remember.
Betty Francis

Formerly a model, Betty was Don’s first wife. Increasingly manic-depressive and discontent, Betty spent much of her marriage to Don stuck in the suburbs as Don gallivanted about in NYC.
After catching on to Don’s promiscuity, she left him for Henry Francis, an aide to nelson Rockefeller. She married Francis right after she had Don’s third child, Eugene, becoming Betty Francis.
Played by January Jones. 

Midge Daniels

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