Here's Samsung's Latest Ad Making Fun Of The iPhone And Showing Off Samsung's Software

Samsung has a new ad for the Galaxy S4, its latest smartphone.
It takes place at a graduation party where all the recent grads have Samsungs, and their parents have iPhones. (Not so subtle message: iPhones is for the oldsters.)
The commercial manages to give real life examples of how Samsung’s gimmicky software might actually be used.
This part of Samsung’s successful, years-long ad campaign to make its brand seem hip and make the iPhone seem old and dorky.
(For what it’s worth, I hung out with a non-techie friend last night who got the S4. She had no idea how to work any of these new software features like no-touch waving at the phone, or hovering over a message for a preview. I doubt she’s going to be alone in this.)

Via: CNET/Techmeme

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