Heron St Bridge plans, 1891

Hugo90 posted a photo:

Heron St Bridge plans, 1891

Went to an estate sale this morning of a guy who was an amateur historian, something I have become, too. Found this framed item along a wall for $35.

Took a close look and found it was the engineering drawings for the first bridge built across the Wishkah River in downtown Aberdeen, Washington, in 1891. Replaced a troublesome ferry.

On the right half are the original material lists and notes from the designer as well as a few photocopies of pictures of the finished bridge. I took it right down and donated it to the museum, as it should be there for all to see.

I’m also holding an hammer, which I got for $4, with a logo on the head used to mark cut logs before they went into the river. It would identify the origin when they floated to the mills. Gave it to the museum, too.

A great adventure Friday!

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