How Much The World's Most Iconic Logos Cost Companies To Design Them

The price tag for some of the most iconic logos of all time vary drastically.
While some of the most iconic brands in the world cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create, others got away with a check for just $15. Some spent nothing.
A good logo is crucial for a company’s branding strategy.
While Pepsi recently redesigned its bottle, it decided to keep its logo, which it redesigned in 2008 for $1 million. (Signing Beyonce as a multi-year brand ambassador cost the company $50 million.) 
Stock Logos—a site that offers, well, stock logos—has compiled a list that reveals how much Coca-Cola, Nike, BP, and other companies spent creating their logos.
But you’ll be surprised which companies spent millions and which spent the cost of a movie ticket on their iconic images.
Microsoft: $0

The company used its own in-house design team to update its logo in 2012.

Google: $0

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