Inside The Marketing Plan For North America's No.1 Bacon-Only Restaurant

Rashers, “North America’s Only Bacon Sandwich Shop,” is a small business based in Toronto, with one location and a no-frills, bacon-only menu.
Founders John Clark and Richard Mulleny have adopted all the usual social media gimmicks: daily Twitter and Facebook updates from the store advertise promotions in which customers can answer trivia questions for in-store discounts.
And they have a knowing logo (that’s the helvetica typeface, much favored by hipsters, in case you didn’t know).
It’s Rashers’ mobile strategy, however, that really brings home the bacon.
 If customers can prove — via a smartphone app —  that they have traveled a route around Toronto in the shape of a pig, they can claim 30 percent off their next order.
Rashers also uses more traditional marketing techniques: The restaurant recently posted fliers featuring tear-off strips (of “bacon,” naturally), offering a free bacon sandwich for anyone who brought one in.

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