KFC Hopes This Strange New Slogan Is The Next 'Where's The Beef'

After three years of development and testing, KFC is unrolling a new menu item it hopes will help the company turn around: boneless original recipe chicken. It’s twice the size of one of the restaurant’s chicken strips, with none of the bones.
And with the new game-changing item comes what KFC and ad agency DraftFCB Chicago hope will take the nation by storm: the new slogan, “I ate the bones.”
According to USA Today, wishful-thinking execs “hope the phrase will instantly go viral and become a popular obsession, reminiscent of Wendy’s old charmer of a slogan, ‘Where’s the beef?’”
However, “I ate the bones” doesn’t have a double entendre working in its favor. (Not to mention it lacks the juxtaposition of a sweet old lady screaming out a potentially lewd phrase.) 
Two ads, directed by “Silver Linings Playbook” Oscar nominee David O. Russell, show a dad and a businessman on his lunch break scarfing down their snacks and then screaming “I ate the bones.”

Even though KFC execs hope that the boneless meat will attract Millennials — spokesman Rick Maynard told HuffPost, “younger people don’t tend to be fans of bones — they’ve grown up with nuggets,” — the new ads don’t really have a young vibe.
The full commercials aren’t posted on YouTube yet, but when you search “I ate the bones!” you’ll find this video of a little boy pretending that he, well, ate all the bones.

Although the KFC campaign has been in the works for years and this YouTube was posted in January, could this child be the inspiration behind the campaign?
Watch the classic “Where’s the Beef?” campaign KFC has challenged and let us know what you think.

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